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Adult Family Care

Adult Family Care (AFC), also called Adult Foster Care, is a program for Mass Health eligible frail elders and adults with disabilities. It is a program designed for those who cannot live alone safely and require assistance with activities of daily living.

AFC program participants live with trained paid caregivers who provide daily care. Caregivers may be family members (except legally responsible relatives or spouses), or can be non-family members.

The program is for adults, over age 16 (or over age 18 when living with family caregivers), who need daily help with personal care, but want to live in a family setting rather than a nursing facility or group home setting.

The caregiver provides meals, companionship, daily personal care assistance, and 24-hour supervision. The qualifying Activity of Daily Living (ADL) needs are based on daily assistance with bathing, dressing, ambulating within the home, transferring, toileting and eating.

There are two levels of reimbursement and qualifications. For Level 1, the participant must require cueing through the whole task of at least one of the identified ADL areas. For Level 2, the participant must need physical assistance with three tasks or physical assistance with two tasks and a behavior that interferes with care giving.

The caregiver receives a daily stipend based on the level of care required. The stipend is tax exempt but reportable. Caregivers are required to maintain a daily care log and submit this monthly to the registered nurse or care manager. Stipend checks are sent on the 1st and 16th of every month.

To become a provider you must:

  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass SORI (sex offender registry inquiry) and OIG (office of the attorney general) checks
  • Have a physical exam and TB test within the past year
  • Live in a home in good repair
  • Have an extra bedroom
  • Be able to provide positive references
  • Have the compassion and skills needed to provide a caring home to a person with daily support needs

To initiate a referral or learn more about the program, call 781-331-7870 x22. Our agency AFC nurse will speak with you to gather intake information and make an appointment to meet with you at your home.