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Adult Family Care

Residential Support (24 hrs)

South Shore Support Services operates five homes with 24-hour staff support. This model is designed specifically for individuals who require this level of support for safety and assistance with daily routines. Each individual sets specific annual goals along with their team members and are continually working on specific areas to increase their independence and community involvement. Each home has a strong emphasis on human rights training and active participation in a rich community life.

Individual Support (less than 24 hrs)

South Shore Support Services provides a wide range of support to individuals who live in their own apartment or with housemates and require some assistance but less than 24 hour supports. Individuals are paired with staff that have similar interests and are available at the times that best meet individual needs. The supports offered through this model are flexible and are designed based on each person's unique support needs. Supports include assistance with banking, bill paying, shopping, cooking, housekeeping, medical appointments, medication and health management, nutrition, community involvement, behavioral supports, transportation and additional individual goal areas based on personal preference.

Adult Family Care

South Shore Support Services serves a wide range of adults and children through the family support model. We offer both traditional and flexible support to create a package designed specifically to meet individual family needs. WE work with Mass Health to create Adult Foster Care (AFC) in the area. AFC is a Mass Health funded residential option that allows Mass Health eligible participants to continue to live with their own family or a host family in their community. AFC funded caregivers can now include family members (other than spouses and legal guardians.) AFC fosters a family living option where assistance with personal care and activates of daily living are provided. Host families receive a daily stipend as well as room and board payment by the participant.

Learn more about Adult Family Care (AFC) services.

Adult Family Care/Specialized Home Care Providers Wanted


The Family Support Center is a hub that offers a wide range of general family services and activities for children and adults who are eligible for DDS services. We offer intensive flexible family support, diversion supports for students at risk for residential school placement and and agency with choice supports.

Related Organizations

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