Corporate & Individual Sponsorship

South Shore Support Services receives state and federal contributions, funding falls short of true operating costs.  We rely on philanthropic contributions to bridge this gap. Corporate and individual sponsorship is one of the most impactful ways to ensure that South Shore Support Services can meet the needs of the individuals we serve.  We offer two opportunities for corporations and individual sponsors to make a difference:  Sponsorship and Fund a Need.


Sponsorships allow SSSS to direct funding to operations and services where current funding can fall short. It also allows us to enhance current services and continue outreach to the South Shore community.  Most recently sponsorships enabled us to purchase a food trailer to create a micro-business for our Launch Program called Launch Eats. We have several sponsorship levels for contributors to choose from. Each sponsorship provides a number of recognition opportunities.  


Community Sponsor

$5000 +

  • Naming opportunities
  • Banner recognition at events 
  • Honored guests at all of our community events 
  • Recognition in marketing materials and social media platforms

Leadership Sponsor

$1000 - $4999

  • Honored guests at all of our community events
  • Banner recognition at events
  • Recognition in printed marketing materials and social media platforms

Empowerment Sponsor

$500 - $999

  • Honored guest at one of our community events 
  • Recognition in printed marketing materials and social media platforms.

Friendship Sponsor

$100 - $499

  • Recognition in printed marketing materials and on social media platforms 

Fund a Need

Community Inclusion

We all want to feel like we are a part of something bigger.  The individuals we serve thrive when they are given the opportunity to be a part of their communities.  Your funding will go to monthly men’s and women’s social groups, vacation camps, and skill building classes. These experiences create joy, build confidence, and deepen relationships.  Your sponsorship will allow our individuals to be immersed in their community, build memories, and truly live a life free from boundaries. 

Micro- Businesses

In 2022 SSSS created its first micro-business with the Launch Eats food trailer.  This initiative introduced the individuals of the Launch program to the mechanics of running a business. They have learned to hone their skills in; catering, customer service, money management and event scheduling.  We are looking to fund new micro businesses in our Launch program to set the groundwork for the pathway to full employment.

Continued Education  

Knowledge is power, this is true for our staff and the individuals we serve.  Education allows all of us to handle things in life, build confidence, and expand our knowledge.

With your support we will provide scholarships for continued education to our staff and individuals including tuition assistance. For our staff funding would be used to pursue certifications (CNA, HHA, LPN) or supervisor training opportunities.

We provide scholarships to individuals with disabilities so they can access higher education.  We have a number of individuals who attend local community college pursuing interests that will transform their lives.

Thank you

A very big thank you to our sponsors and donors, your contributions in 2022 made a huge difference in the lives of the individuals we serve.  Your generosity allowed our agency to grow and prosper, fulfilling the mission of this agency.


Community Sponsor | $5000 +

Frye Agency-Insurance and Real Estate

Leadership | $1000 - $4999

Rockland Trust 

Rogers and Gray Insurance 

South Shore Childrens Fund – JT Rocks

South Shore Orthodontics

Empowerment | $500- $999

City of Boston Credit Union


Coastal Heritage Bank

Computer Merchants

CTC Adventures

Falconeiri Construction

FL Caufeild Construction

MG Harbor Services

Phifer and Pinkham LLC

Hingham Institute for Savings

The Rotary Club of Hingham

Friendship | $100 -$499

Abington Bank

Anderson Fuel

Annie Mahoney Design Services

Cape Cod Lumber

Cavanaugh Insurance

Economized Time

D.J. Electric

Justice Hardware

George Toma

Milton Police Charitable Foundation

New England Steel

Quincy Police Department

Quincy Sons of Italy

Quincy Credit Union

Union Towers

Weymouth Firefighters Local 1616

Wells Fargo – Richard Eckelhofer

Troupe Waste Services


Community Sponsor | $5000 +

Stuart and Wendy Clarke

Leadership | $1000 - $4999

Jane Carr

The Ellison Family

Bob and Mary Ernst

Peter and Pam Henry

Fred and Jean Raymond

Joe and Lily Sestito

Empowerment | $500- $999

Janine Birmingham

Mark F Berch

The Burt Family

Thomas Butler

Kevin and Diane Brogan

Leo and Diane Corbett

Douglas and Ann Marie Fallon

Bob Gabriel

Mayor Thomas Koch

Bob and Beth Kuzmick

Eric and Ellen Marder

Frank and Fran McDermott

Jeff and Taffy Nothnagle 

David and Sarale Perdious

Paul Sullivan

Friendship | $100 -$499

Richard Bolger

The Falaro Family 

The Ford Family

Philip and Lindsey Gerety

Don and Carole Godfrey

Karen Johnson

Suk Kam Lam

Dennis J Maloney JR

Dan and Florrie McCarthy

John and Julia McCarthy

Thomas McCabe

Mark and Nan Nazarian

Edward O'Brien

Mike & Donna Oser

Robert and Amy Pratt

Louis and Debra Rizzo

Ed Sorrentino

Elizabet White 

Connie Young