Employment Program


The mission of our Launch Vocational Day Program is to empower and encourage self-determination for individuals with disabilities by accessing work and social opportunities in a truly community-based setting. Launch has two sites - one centrally located in beautiful Cohasset Village and another in downtown Hingham. These ideal locations allow our participants walking access to the numerous work opportunities, internships, and social events the sites have to offer. Launch participants experience an authentic community-based program full of working, learning, growing and achieving. 

Small Group Supported Sites

  • Elder Concierge Program
  • Friends of Cohasset Farmers Market
  • Friendly Visitor Program
  • Social Enterprises Launch Eats (catering)
  • The Ninety- Nine Restaurant
  • Cohasset Housing
  • JJ's Dairy
  • Hingham Housing
  • Fountain Lane Apartments
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Hingham Tunnel Cap
  • South Shore Athletic Club
  • Scituate Senior Center

Independent Work Sites

  • Cohasset Town Hall
  • Whole Foods Hingham
  • Stop and Shop Cohasset
  • Shaw's Cohasset
  • Mullaney Fish Market
2 individuals, smiling and hugging

Educational Collaborations

  • Wellspring Hull HiSet Program
  • Quincy College
  • Berklee College of Music

We are Ready, Willing and Able to Work

If you are a business owner your daily challenge is to find hardworking, reliable, and conscientious employees. We have the answer for you. Our Launch Vocational program is dedicated to launching our individuals into gainful employment. Before we even introduce our individuals to a job site we spend time teaching them about the responsibilities that go along with holding a job; being on time, dressing appropriately, understanding what the tasks are, and even practicing skills prior to walking in the door on the first day. Once the foundation is set, we join them at the job site and coach them as they become accustomed to their roles and responsibilities. Then it is work- work - work - until they master the job. Once an employer is confident an individual is ready to “launch” independently into their job they can be gainfully employed! 

Why you should hire individuals with disabilities:

Studies have shown that employees with developmental disabilities contributed to higher productivity, lower absenteeism and increased customer loyalty. 

Employees with disabilities can also offer creativity, innovation, and varied perspectives on how to confront challenges and get a job done.

Hiring people with disabilities conveys and promotes an inclusive work environment. This encourages empathy in the workplace (a trait that is important to have when working with customers and clients) and can improve the perception of the company from the consumer point of view.

If you would like to explore hiring opportunities via our Launch vocational program please e-mail; Brian Stewart at bstewart@soshoresupport.org for Cohasset and Joanne Mangone at jmangone@soshoresupport.org for Hingham.