Time for

Respite & Social Interaction

South Shore Support Services realizes the importance of providing time apart for families while creating new social opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  We are currently expanding and evolving our respite programs to include drop- in programs and overnight experiences.

cooking, physical activities

Take a Break
Respite Service

Our Family Support Program provides monthly respite services that include activities for all ages and provide 4-6 hours of respite for care givers. The activities are always age appropriate with  participants having  a fun-filled social experience. Activities range from bowling nights to attending special events in the community. For more information please contact : Renee McCorkle at rmccorkle@soshoresupport.org

On My Own
Respite Service

South Shore Support Services is very excited to be in the early stages of providing a respite location for overnight experiences.  Our site will be an apartment setting where individuals will learn the skills of independent living. We will have the latest assistive technology that promotes independence and empowers individuals to be as self-reliant as possible.  This will be designed for a small group of individuals (1-2) where staff will ensure that participants have leisure time and activities to fill their day while developing adult living skills.