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South Shore Support Services currently provides services to over 850 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities on the South Shore of Greater Boston. Our services and programs are designed to break down barriers so that the individuals we serve can live a life filled with purpose, joy, and the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Family Support Center

The Family Support Center works with outside providers, community resources, and other agencies to provide information, support, and programs to families with individuals with disabilities of all ages.


Individual Support

Individual Home Support (IHS) focuses on assisting individuals to live independently in their homes and communities while leading lives with choice, dignity, and opportunity.

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Self-Directed Services

Agency with Choice

Agency With Choice (AWC) or Momentum, is a self- directed model that helps individuals with disabilities to decide how, when, and from whom their services and support will be delivered.

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Adult Family Care

Adult Family Care (AFC) provides support—in the form of compensation and training—that enables caregivers to provide valuable support to loved ones with physical, medical, and intellectual disabilities in their home.


Employment Programs


The mission of the Launch Program is to empower and encourage self-determination for individuals with disabilities by accessing work and social opportunities in a truly community-based setting.


Respite Services

We offer two models of respite services. Our first model is “Take a Break”, with 4-6 hours of engaging activities where individuals can be dropped off at a designated site.  We will also be offering overnight experiences at our Respite apartment where individuals will be socially engaged while gaining skills on how to live independently.


Residential Housing Models

We operate ten traditional 24-hour staffed homes and two homes with less than 24-hour. Non- traditional housing models include new initiatives with private investment community housing.


Technology First

We are implementing assistive technology where ever possible to help those we support develop even greater  sense of independence at home, at work, and in their communities.

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