Individual Support

Individual Home Support (IHS) focuses on assisting individuals to live independently in their homes and communities while leading lives with choice, dignity, and opportunity. Individuals reside in their own independent settings with designated hours of staff support based on their interests, goals, and support needs. The goal of IHS is to support people to have increased decision making, independence, and control to do the things that interest them. Assistance can be provided in an array of areas: finance, household chores, cooking, shopping, errands, community participation, and medical clinical appointments and follow up. Goals are based on personal preferences with the ultimate objective of increased independence and full, meaningful access to the community. 

We believe that everyone is an important part of the community. Access should be open to all activities whether sponsored by a non- profit or a private entity. 

We have helped individuals with their basic and not so basic human rights helping them choose the right course for them. Self- advocacy is an area that we also work on. We help them if interested in joining Self Advocacy Leadership Series (SALS) and have also assisted if their goal is to get their GEDs or continue education.

If you are interested in learning more about Individual Support please contact Susan Zamansky at