Self-Directed Services

Agency with Choice

Agency With Choice (AWC) or Momentum, is a model that helps individuals with disabilities to decide how, when, and from whom their services and support will be delivered. Our AWC program prioritizes choice, independence, and flexibility. Self-direction is based on the principle that people with disabilities know their needs best and are in the best position to plan and manage their own services. Participants often self-identify their own employee, or as we like to refer to them, Independent Community Connector (ICC), to provide their services and support their day-to-day activities. If they do not have a potential employee, Momentum will work with the family to match an ICC. AWC serves individuals from South Coastal towns, Greater Plymouth County, Brockton, and the Cape. 

How Does Agency with Choice Work?

  • It is a co-employment model in which South Shore Support Services serves as the employer, partnering with the individual to help train and manage the Independent Community Connector (ICC).
  • We will support the individual/ family to interview, hire, and negotiate a pay rate for the ICC, subject to our personnel policies.
  • The individual /family has responsibility for daily supervision of ICC.
  • We assume responsibility for paying the ICC, including withholding, filing and paying federal and state income and employment taxes, as well as providing a worker’s compensation policy.
  • The agency provides the individual/ family with a monthly financial report so the individual is aware that spending is occurring as planned and can make adjustments if necessary.

If you are interested in learning more about Self-Directed Services please contact Kristine L Marquis at