Technology First

South Shore Support Services is committed to expand the use of enabling technology for people we support with the goal of promoting their ability to be as independent as possible in their home, work and in the community.  We are training staff as well as self-advocate peer mentors, so that anytime we are exploring support options for a person to promote independence, we include enabling technology solutions during person-centered planning.

  • We have received innovation funding from DDS to offer an 8-week technology solutions course to self-advocates, an enabling technology training platform to staff, and a further 18-hour credentialing to team leaders from each department. Team members will learn to identify assistive technology solutions including fall prevention, call systems to staff, products to enhance interactions with families and friends, sensory aids, environmental controls, independent living aids, personal care products, medication aids, AT for improved mobility, and more.
  • We are contracted to provide remote support and monitoring services. Remote supports provides off-site staff for some of the people we support who live in homes or apartments with less than 24- hour staffing or home with their families.  Remote Support staff provides support with the help of an integrated system of sensors and assistive technology and two-way communication tablets. People receive scheduled face to face video calls and can call remote staff any time 24 hours per day.
  • We are developing a smart respite apartment that will house a wide range of assistive technology including a GrandCare system to get ourselves prepared to provide additional levels of remote support.  People who are getting ready to spend more time alone in their homes or move to an apartment can plan a respite stay to explore technology and see how it might work for them. 
  • We are also piloting Cognitopia to help support people at work and in the community.  Cognitopia offers an integrated self-determination software platform helping to improve independence at work and in the community. As we continue our training and work with community supporters we will trial new platforms and grow technology throughout the agency.